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Fresh Air Thinking

A lot of people are talking about the connection between walking and thinking. Others highlight the benefit that can be gained by tuning in to the environment surrounding us. Still more are exploring the Buddhist principles around ‘mindful thinking’.

We like all of that and think it’s really interesting... particularly the stuff about enabling simplicity and freedom in thought!

There are times, though, when a bit of structure can help and when you’ll want to act upon your enlightenments and discoveries.  Our workshop will help you to prepare to think freely, to get the best out of your thinking experience and to work with your thoughts to create a meaningful course of action.

We’ll look at 6 main areas to guide you towards freer thinking and effective action:

Preparing to think

Thought inhibitors


Recording thoughts

Pondering insights

Decisioning and action

We’ll also take a walk outside to try some of the ideas and give ourselves the opportunity to think freely in the open... we call it Fresh Air Thinking.

Group Workshops are £75 (including VAT) per person
Please ask about rates for 1:1, ‘small group’ and in-house sessions


“I often take my entrepreneurship students out walking because I want
to get them in the habit of noticing and thinking about what they notice.
They have to leave their phones behind to learn the basic lesson... Be where you are.”
Margaret Heffernan