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What we do

We help you to unblock your thoughts, identify development needs and take action to make things happen.

We’ll usually start by asking you some searching questions to help clarify what you’d really like to think about, what you’d like to achieve or what skills you think you need to develop.
We’ll ask you to consider why the subject is important to you and what it is worth to have a solution... in terms of personal or professional achievement and emotional satisfaction.
Then we’ll help you to explore possible answers to your questions, solutions to your problem or ways to develop your skills.

Finally, we’ll support you in making things happen.
This could mean involving yourself in our...

  • Fresh Air Thinking workshop, or
  • 100 Days Change Programme, or
  • Skills Training workshops or Coaching interventions

... or we might work together to create something different that meets your specific individual need.

Led by Ian Cooper, supported by specialist associates, we’ll seek to exceed your expectations but not your needs.

About Ian Cooper


“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”
Albert Einstein